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Critical Praise for Matt Townsend and the Wonder of the World

"On one hand, his lyrics indicate a world-weary, vulnerable old-timer. His voice projects across the generations, so much so that any listener would find themselves Googling the album release date within seconds. But, at the same time, he is wholly modern...

The recurring thought from track to track is that this is an artist completely poised to break through; this is exactly the guy who could bring folk back to the Newport Folk Festival. Big things are coming for him, and it’s our pleasure to sit back and watch." Popdose

Interview with Under the Gun

"There’s just an earnest quality about it that will sweep you straight off your feet...magnificent" - We All Want Someone to Shout For

"Matt Townsend is probably one of the most sincere and magnificent new artists on the rise in 2014." Music and More Nashville

“With the newest folk revival well upon us, it’s rare that any of it is actually good, and it’s even rarer to find it along with the heart and soul of Matt Townsend and the Wonder of the World" -Big Takeover Magazine

"This young man has to be one of my all time favorites. Lately I've found a few. But Matt has something that I think everyone's been looking for. Truth, beauty, peace, and enlightenment in his songs. They are mesmerizing. This is one album I can't stop listening to." -Nashville Music Guide

“A pure and heartfelt debut, Matt Townsend and The Wonder of the World is a delightful LP and a band to keep an eye on" -Hear Magazine

“Matt Townsend and The Wonder of the World are captivating, mysterious and thought-provoking.”

Other Reviews:
For Matt Townsend's Solo EP, "What Light Shall Be" (2012)

"With a confessional bent and sophisticated observational metaphors, he often connects universally while remaining personally vulnerable — a rare feat for a young songwriter...his debut is roundly impressive and marks this local songwriter as one who bears watching" - Dan Bolles, 7Days


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